Going deep down and up again

Monday we had a rough night. What started with practising a bit with ropes ended in a drama.

Master had tied my arms and legs together with a very nice rope bondage. It looked great and we took some pictures. Since I’m a photographer I’m very critical with pictures and since I was bound…. I couldn’t do anything than give Master instructions how to make it and what settings to use. (Yeah, when he makes pictures of me it’s my only chance to tell him what to do, lol) Master is really getting better at making pictures, he didn’t need much instructions and I was very satisfied. After making pictures he put me on the bed, head down. He started to cane me a little and soon he hit a bit harder. I noticed that I couldn’t handle that much. ( I hate it when I can’t handle pain…) He hit me some more with the cane, but soon grabbed a whip. He calls it the scorpion, I think a better name is asshole. It’s a long single tail whip with a big leather strap at the end. It’s quite mean….He whipped me a bit, but I had the feeling that he was holding back. I know that Master is very sadistic and he hates holding back… So I really thought he didn’t really like what he was doing. Usually I can handle more pain, but Monday I just couldn’t. Continue reading

not just a Saturday night

Last night Master and I went to a bdsm party with friends. It was more of a small meeting of eight couples in a nice and cozy barn. It was our first time there, but there really was a relaxed atmosphere so we quickly felt very comfortable. We watched nice plays from other couples and later in the evening Master gave me a really nice and very hard whipping. I think he even hit me a bit harder than last Monday and certainly he hit me a lot more. It’s always fun to notice I can handle even more pain when we play with other people around. I think it gives me an adrenaline rush, just to know that people are watching. Being his slave and showing it to other people really makes me feel proud. Today we relaxed the whole day, enjoying the memories and bruises from last night. yeah I got fresh bruises. Pretty cool for someone who actually never bruises. (I think this is the third time in my life) I still feel a little bit blurry and spacey today, so I won’t write a very long blog. (Yeah, I’ll make that up to you soon)

Other important things in my life


My Master is very important to me and I love him very much. I want to devote my life to him, give him everything he needs. I want to be his property, his slave. I think I’m better in doing those things when I take good care of myself and feel good about myself. Only then I can serve him properly and make him happy. Besides serving him I still have other goals in life and other things I love to do. Continue reading

Be careful what you wish for: me versus Single tail

Last night my Master was in one of his sadistic moods. He asked me for a pencil sharpener, so I started searching the whole house and finally found one in my make-up stash. So I really thought he needed it for a pencil….but no. He put me on bed on my hands and knees and cuffed my hands together. Between my super sensitive thighs he put a skewer…and yes, he sharpened both ends. (I’ll make sure I get rid off all my sharpeners) He told me to keep it there and started flogging my ass. Ouch! The flogging didn’t hurt that much, but that skewer was driving me nuts. That shitty little thing hurt like hell. After some flogging he made me suck his cock and I really started to think that he was going to fuck me with that skewer still between my thighs. (Oh God!) Fortunately he didn’t, but he started flogging me again… a bit harder this time. After a while he sat down next to me on the bed…and stroked my back a little…and then it happened. I relaxed for a moment and I dropped the skewer. I really hate it when I do something wrong. I really didn’t mean to drop it, but I did…. and I knew I would be punished for it. Even before my punishment I was already shaking and crying… I absolutely hate it to disappoint him. He told me to lay on my back… legs wide open. I knew where this was going. He was going to flog my cunt. I really can’t take much pain on my pussy and I was really afraid. I just couldn’t lay still, freaking out about what was going to happen. He told me to close my eyes and lay still. I tried. He hit me hard on my upper leg. I screamed and he hit me again and again. 3 hard strokes on my already sensitive upper legs and thighs, but thank God not on my cunt. He told me to go back in position again and put the skewer right back in place. Arghhh I really hated that thing! Continue reading

Shoe addict

My Master always wants me to wear nice clothes and shoes. When we’re inside the house, most of the time he allows me to walk around bare foot, but when we go out I have to wear high heels. For me, that isn’t punishment at all! I love high heels. I’ve always liked shoes… when I’m shopping for clothes, I usually and up with a new pair of shoes. Boots and sandals with high heels are my favourites. Continue reading

Ikea nipple protectors!

fixa-stick-on-floor-protectors-set-of-__28716_PE098859_S4Two weeks ago my Master was whipping my breasts with the single tail and by accident ( yeah right!) the whip smashed my nipple. Most of the time I can handle some pain and I’m becoming more and more masochistic, but this was too much! My nipples are often very sensitive, I absolutely hate it when Master put clamps on them or bites them hard. Even when he’s just stroking them softly…I don’t like it. Touching my nipples and breasts just doesn’t turn me on and often it hurts. Continue reading