How Emily was enslaved

Master and me

Master & me

Deep inside I’ve always known that I’m submissive. Even as a child I had fantasies about being submissive to men. When I was 12 I discovered there were more people like me. I read about bdsm on the Internet and I knew: this was it! A few years later I started to experiment with boyfriends, but they weren’t dominant enough and I always ended up disappointed. In later relationships bdsm was always present on the background. Sometimes we played but most of the time we were equals, but switching all the time between ‘vanilla’ and bdsm was not really my thing. I wanted to be a slave, all the time!

At that moment I didn’t know of many bdsm couples who had a 24/7 Master/slave relationship, so I started to read the blogs I could find. I read about women who weren’t allowed to work, choose their own friends or even leave the house. To me it looked like most of those women didn’t want to take responsibility for their own problems and lives. The more I read the less I liked it. That wasn’t me, or something I could be. Hell no!

(Looking back I really think I read the wrong blogs.. )

August 2012 everything changed: I started dating a man who had been in a M/s relationship for about five years. We spoke about what having a slave meant for him. What he told me was completely different from the way I saw it at that moment. He told me that even as a slave I could still have quite a normal life. Study, work, hobbies, friends… all of that, no reason to give up on any of it. I could still have an opinion about things and bring in new ideas. I just wouldn’t have the final word. He changed my whole view about living as a 24/7 slave and I actually started to like the idea of being a slave (his slave). After all,  I’ve always liked the idea of not having to make the ‘bdsm/vanilla’switch.

We started seeing each other more and more and what started as an every week ‘bdsm playdate’ ended up in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship. J

Now, this was of course the very short version of how it all started, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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