Things that make me happy

things that make me happy

There are a lot of things in our relationship that make me very happy. The best thing is we’re never equals, but we can still have a lot of fun together. Of course there are rules, I have to address him properly and obey all the time… (most of the time I love that, sometimes it sucks…) but are relationship is still very relaxed.  We do things ‘normal’ couples do, like going to the movies, shopping, seeing friends etc. But there is always the chance that he grabs me by my hair, just to make sure I don’t forget what I am. His slave. I really love those moments, I feel appreciated and I feel that I’m his. Other things I like are the small things and rituals in our relationship. I love sitting at his feet while we’re eating or watching a movie, or curling up in his lap, feeling his strong arms around me, I love putting on nice clothes for him and see that satisfied grin on his face and I love taking care of him, washing him in the shower, doing his hair, trimming his beard all of that. The best is: these things happen every day… damn I’m a lucky bastard.

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