Frustrations: I have a Leatherbutt!


Recently I read about the phenomenon called ‘leatherbutt’. When you’re frequently spanked, your skin becomes a little intolerant for bruising and harder hitting is necessary to leave marks. I don’t know whether this theory is correct…but I think I’m born with a leatherbutt! I actually never bruise…and that kinda sucks! 

Lately I’ve started to like pain more and more. Whips, canes, all nice. The more cruel the whip looks, the cooler I think it is, especially when it also makes the ‘kaawhoooosshh sound’ (yeah, you know when it cracks!) by every stroke. The other thing I like about whips and canes: they leave beautiful marks….at least on normal people. When I get whipped or caned (I’m not talking about soft strokes here) you’ll see nothing afterwards. After an hour or so, the red welts magically disappear and my skin looks regenerated. I know that some people wish that they would recover as fast as I do, but I don’t like it at all! I can get really frustrated when there’s nothing to see after a hard whipping. Even more frustrating is: after a caning, it hurts the next days.. it even feels bruised, but you just don’t see anything. (how unfair!)

Sometimes (when I’m lucky) I get some small bruises, but only on my upper thighs and legs or breasts. My butt is really immune for bruises and welts and so is my back. Last week I had some small marks from the single tail, and really such marks can make my day, but compared to the whipping I got….those marks weren’t even close to fair!

Yeah, I know.. it’s kinda strange to want marks, especially during the summer, but I just think they make me feel proud, make me feel more his…

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