Ikea nipple protectors!

fixa-stick-on-floor-protectors-set-of-__28716_PE098859_S4Two weeks ago my Master was whipping my breasts with the single tail and by accident ( yeah right!) the whip smashed my nipple. Most of the time I can handle some pain and I’m becoming more and more masochistic, but this was too much! My nipples are often very sensitive, I absolutely hate it when Master put clamps on them or bites them hard. Even when he’s just stroking them softly…I don’t like it. Touching my nipples and breasts just doesn’t turn me on and often it hurts.

Since my Master didn’t mean to smash my nipples so hard with his torture tail, he told me the next time he was whipping my breasts I could have nipple protection! (Yeah, he can be sweet) So I started to think of what might work .. of course a bra with a lot of padding would definitely protect my nipples, but it would also protect the rest of my breasts too much. (And he isn’t that sweet) I looked around a bit more and I found some of those Ikea stick-on floor protectors. You know, those round felts you put under the legs of your chairs to protect your floor from scratches. So I’ve put the stick-ons on my nipples and it worked! They didn’t fall of and they protected my nipples really well. The only thing was… they looked ridiculous and I mean: absolutely ridiculous! But, hey, they weren’t meant to be pretty, but to protect… and they’re doing a great job!

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