Shoe addict

My Master always wants me to wear nice clothes and shoes. When we’re inside the house, most of the time he allows me to walk around bare foot, but when we go out I have to wear high heels. For me, that isn’t punishment at all! I love high heels. I’ve always liked shoes… when I’m shopping for clothes, I usually and up with a new pair of shoes. Boots and sandals with high heels are my favourites. I also like ankle boots, but they usually don’t fit me, because my ankles are really small. ( And so are my wrists, I can easily slip out of the most handcuffs :-D) I’ll show you some of my favourite high heels at the moment:


These overknee boots are my latest purchase. They´re made out of high quality leather and they´re really comfy. I absolutely love them.


Master bought me these boots for my birthday. (Master got me 10 pair of shoes for my Birthday, isn’t that sweet?) I think they are beautiful, but hard to wear. You really have to wear them with the right clothes. They easily go from very chic to very trashy. (He likes trashy, but I don’t 😉 )


These sandals were also a birthday gift from my Master. I love golden heels!

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