Be careful what you wish for: me versus Single tail

Last night my Master was in one of his sadistic moods. He asked me for a pencil sharpener, so I started searching the whole house and finally found one in my make-up stash. So I really thought he needed it for a pencil….but no. He put me on bed on my hands and knees and cuffed my hands together. Between my super sensitive thighs he put a skewer…and yes, he sharpened both ends. (I’ll make sure I get rid off all my sharpeners) He told me to keep it there and started flogging my ass. Ouch! The flogging didn’t hurt that much, but that skewer was driving me nuts. That shitty little thing hurt like hell. After some flogging he made me suck his cock and I really started to think that he was going to fuck me with that skewer still between my thighs. (Oh God!) Fortunately he didn’t, but he started flogging me again… a bit harder this time. After a while he sat down next to me on the bed…and stroked my back a little…and then it happened. I relaxed for a moment and I dropped the skewer. I really hate it when I do something wrong. I really didn’t mean to drop it, but I did…. and I knew I would be punished for it. Even before my punishment I was already shaking and crying… I absolutely hate it to disappoint him. He told me to lay on my back… legs wide open. I knew where this was going. He was going to flog my cunt. I really can’t take much pain on my pussy and I was really afraid. I just couldn’t lay still, freaking out about what was going to happen. He told me to close my eyes and lay still. I tried. He hit me hard on my upper leg. I screamed and he hit me again and again. 3 hard strokes on my already sensitive upper legs and thighs, but thank God not on my cunt. He told me to go back in position again and put the skewer right back in place. Arghhh I really hated that thing!

He grabbed his single tail and started to whip me lightly on my ass and back. Now I do really like the single tail ( and I hate it at the same time) but I couldn’t take that much because of that damn skewer. After a while he took the skewer away, grabbed me by my hair and put me in the middle of the living room. He started whipping me a bit more. A bit harder as well… I started to relax and enjoyed it. He wrapped the whip around me, harder en harder and I got in some kind of trance…(purrrr). He stopped and grabbed the ikea stick-on nipple protectors and put them on my nipples.I woke up out of my trance and started to panic a little. That whip was really coming close to my face when he started to whip my breasts. He told me to stay really still so that he wouldn’t whip me in the face by accident. I just really couldn’t relax and he put me back on bed on hands and knees. He started to whip my back again and after a few pretty hard strokes I started to cry. He stopped and wanted to calm me down, but I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted more. I wanted to go back in that trance.. I wanted him to whip the hell out of me. He tried to hug me, but I tried to get away. I told him I didn’t want to stop and he told me he didn’t want to be pushed away. Blegh.. what a stupid end! We lied next to each other on the bed…both  annoyed. He thought that I had enough… I told him I didn’t.

After a bit of being quiet and annoyed he suddenly grabbed me by my hair and put me back in the middle of the room. He grabbed his torture tail again and started to wrap it around me. I knew that he wasn’t going to spare me…He started to hit harder and whipped me all over my body. My breasts, my legs, my back, my middle… all of it. I started to enjoy it again and wanted more. I knew I could take it. I wanted deep red welts and bruises. (If you want me to bruise, you have to hit extreme hard…I usually don’t bruise at all) He started to put more power in every stroke and now he was really hitting me hard. I screamed every time he hit me, but I felt so strong. He wrapped it around my middle, harder and harder, leaving a thick blue welt. He had never whipped me (or anyone else) that hard. He continued, leaving more welts. After a lot of strokes, I knew I couldn’t take much more.. I started shaking a bit and it was hard to stay on my legs. He saw that he was reaching my limits and told me that I would get 10 really hard strokes and then it would be over. He made sure that I controlled my breathing again and that I wouldn’t pass out. (I passed out a few times) By number three I fell on my knees. My legs were feeling so weak. He grabbed my hand and helped me standing up again. He hold me for a while and waited till I was ready again. Seven very hard strokes followed. According to him, I fell on my knees again by number seven… but I don’t remember anymore. I really wasn’t on this planet anymore…I do remember him lifting me up and putting me in bed. He wrapped me in a blanket and hold me for a while. It took quite long before I returned back to earth. He told me he was so proud of me and I really felt the luckiest girl on earth.

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