Other important things in my life


My Master is very important to me and I love him very much. I want to devote my life to him, give him everything he needs. I want to be his property, his slave. I think I’m better in doing those things when I take good care of myself and feel good about myself. Only then I can serve him properly and make him happy. Besides serving him I still have other goals in life and other things I love to do.

One of my passions in life is my horse. I’ve been riding horses since I was five years old. Seven years ago a very special horse came in my life: a beautiful Purebred Arabian stallion. Yes, a stallion, but he is very gentle and honest. (and a bit of a pussy). I really love spending time with him. He really is a fine horse to ride, very smart and sensible. He learns very fast and in the future I want to go to shows with him.

An other passion is photography. Even as a little girl, I always wanted my dad’s camera to make photographs. As I got a bit older (unfortunately still little) I bought my first DSLR camera en started to be more serious about photography. I started with making photos from horses and people. (later also bdsm photos) First as hobby, but later more serious and sometimes paid. A few weeks ago I bought a better camera and lens and I’m going to focus more on fetish/bdsm photography.

Something else that’s really important to me is living a healthy lifestyle. I always try to eat healthy and exercise…..but unfortunately that didn’t turn out so well the last months. I used to be a real health freak… clean eating only, exercising 5 times a week etc. Well I have to say… I don’t like exercising.. I get bored easily especially when I’m doing the same workout for a certain period. Eating healthy was easy for me, until I  met my Master. He really is a difficult eater. He likes all the not so healthy stuff. And damn, it’s difficult to resist strawberry pie, hamburgers or chips. I try to keep dinner healthy, we eat a lot of rice lately and less potatoes and white pasta. Unfortunately he only likes rice and chicken with a not so healthy sauce, prawn crackers and apple compote…(I do really like the prawn crackers…grrrr) Yesterday I cooked two meals pasta bolognese for him and salmon with broccoli for me. I don’t know if that’s the solution. Cooking two meals wouldn’t be such a problem when our new kitchen is finished. Now I’m still cooking in the scullery, which is very small and I only have 3 electric hotplates…(So please Master, finish that damn kitchen!!!!! ;-)) Oh and since I’m talking about food… I realise that I haven’t had breakfast yet….too busy writing this blog 😉

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