Pushing my own limits: shocking!

Electro stimuationYesterday my Master and I had a good conversation about limits. Although I’m allowed to have limits, we both don’t really like the idea of having them. It makes him feel like he has a little bit less power over me and I don’t like the idea that I can’t give myself completely to him.

One of my ‘soft’ limits is electro play. I got some nasty experiences with electricity ( not in bdsm play, but in ‘normal’ life) Especially with electric fencing. After damaging a nerve in my left arm, my arm is really sensitive for electricity. By accident touching an electric fence usually makes my arm hurt for a few days. So, electro play for fun or punishment during play… eh no way.

I know that Master likes the idea of electro play… and I have the bad habit of being extremely curious about almost everything, even electro play. He told me he had some electro play stuff that in the lowest levels would be more pleasurable that painful. Hmm.. okay, electro en pleasure in the same sentence.. I don’t think so, but If you say so, maybe I should give it a try?

So yesterday evening I asked him if I could see his electro torture device (eh I mean pleasure device) He has an erostek stimulator with nine levels. The first four levels for pleasure, the other five for training and pain. You can attach different things to the simulator. Master has a little vaginal egg, a buttplug and a vaginal shield. I read the manual and it also said that the first 4 levels could give enormous pleasure and arousal. (hmm, so he didn’t make it up, huh?) I still found it a bit scary, but my curiosity won.

First we tried the vaginal shield. You have to put that thing between your legs and you can strap it around your thighs to make sure it stays put. We tried level 2 called ‘stroke’ it’s a bit of a sucking/biting sensation, but it really didn’t hurt! Unfortunately the shield didn’t fit me so good, so I really didn’t feel it on the right spot. No pain, but no pleasure either.. hmm. We decided to try the little egg. Deep inside me I didn’t feel so much because it makes not so much contact. When I put it a little lower in my vagina I did feel a lot more and I kind of liked the feeling. I even started to relax a little. Although the feeling was nice, I need my clit stimulated to have an orgasm. So I tried to just keep the egg between my legs, making a little contact with my clit. Hmm this really felt good. Of course those eggs are not meant to hold and when I moved my finger a bit too much I felt the electricity going trough my arm.. ahhhhhhh. Okay, don’t relax too much and keep your fingers still! We tried again and I Master played a bit with the frequency of the electric waves. He turned it up, faster and faster and I felt an orgasm coming up. I asked for permission to come and He said yes.(isn’t he sweet?) I took a little while after I asked. It was still hard to relax completely, but when I did I had the longest and most intense orgasm I ever had. Wow… I guess electro play can be pleasurable after all!

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