Pushing my limits part two!

IMG_6926Remember that I recently tried electro play for the first time? (click) Well, I only tried the vaginal egg and the vaginal shield… but I didn’t try the buttplug. Since it was a nice experience I felt that I had to try the buttplug as well…..the only thing is I’m not always a big fan of anal. Sometimes I like it , sometimes I hate it. Especially buttplugs are not really my thing. I don’t like the way they ‘pop in’ at the end…So two things I still find pretty scary, buttplugs and electro play…but of course, my curiosity won.

So yesterday we tried the buttplug. Master warmed me up a little with a smaller dildo and after a while I relaxed. He slowly pushed the plug in. Fortunately it was a small plug, so it went in pretty easily. After I relaxed a bit and got used to the plug we tried the electro stimulation. Master turned up the intensity a bit, but I didn’t feel a thing. Maybe I felt a small tingling, but I think it was more in my head than really there. He turned it up a bit higher and it was now somewhere around level 25. Friday we stopped at 34 or something, but I definitely felt it pretty good at 20. So we pulled it out again to check if it was working alright, but it did. I think it just didn’t make enough contact with both poles. I was a bit disappointed, but I’m happy I tried. Afterwards Master put a different plug in me ( a little bigger) and a dildo in my cunt. O god, I loved that feeling, both holes filled up! He put the eroscillator ( a very powerful vibrator ) against my clit and I came twice! ( yeah I was allowed) I was completely relaxed and I wanted Master to fuck me in my ass. Of course he did.. ( sweet guy he?)  it was a little painful, but I’m happy I did it again. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pushing my limits part two!

  1. It seems you get a lot of what you want, although I love reading your blogg perhaps a little of the more mundane stuff of your day as at present it seems your Master gives you all you want and not always thing he wants maybe you are just lucky or maybe I am just not seeing it and please don’t take offence from my comment as it is not meant that way .

  2. Hi,
    My Master is a pretty stubborn man and he won’t just give me what I want, if he doesn’t like it himself. The thing is, he likes a lot of things. When I ask him something nicely and polite, he often says yes. ( but only if he likes it!) Especially if I ask to try new things or maybe giving up a limit.That doesn’t mean I’m the boss or something. Definitly not! But I’m always allowed to ask him things.

    I like most things he does as well 😉 So maybe I’m indeed lucky.

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