Emily’s Diary

Onlangs bijgewerkt

Lately I got more questions to write a little bit more about how my days look like. So I’m going to try to give you a weekly  diary. I started my diary on Sunday September 15th. I hope you enjoy it!


Sunday: Saturday we went to a bdsm party with friends (click) Although Master had to work, he only worked three hours (whoops) .We spent the whole day relaxing in bed enjoying the memories and bruises from last night and having sex 😉

Monday: Master went to work and I slept till 11 am, I was still exhausted from Saturday night. In the afternoon I went to my horse, wrote a new blog, checked fetlife a 100 times.. It was a lazy Monday!

Tuesday: Master ordered something for his car in the USA. Here in Germany they sent the package to the Zoll. Zoll is the German customs service. You have to go to the Zoll to get your package and pay the taxes. I went early in the afternoon because I had a lecture to attend at the university later this afternoon. I think I spend more than an hour waiting on my package. They wanted me to open it. Luckily it was just an car thingy and not bdsm stuff. (Master once ordered cuffs and buttplugs and he had to open the package lol).

Later in the afternoon I attend a lecture about thinking and decision making. It was actually pretty boring, because it was about things I already knew. I spend the evening preparing for a photo shoot I had the next day.


Wednesday: In the afternoon I went to friends of. We planned a photo shoot together. We had lots of fun and I’m very happy with the results. You can find some of the photos on fetlife. In the evening I went to Master’s office where I surfed the internet a bit and he worked some more. Later in the evening we ordered food and went home.


Thursday: I woke up with a terrible headache so I spent most of the day in bed, sleeping. At 7 pm the phone rang. It was Master. He had a flat tire and needed my help. So I jumped in the car with tires and tools. Luckily he wasn’t really far away. (30 minutes or so) When we finally got home I got pizza!!! (yumm) and Master had Spaghetti Bolognese.

Friday: Master’s father came in the afternoon to help out cleaning the barn. I went horse riding and prepared for a class I had the next day. Later I helped Master a bit and in the evening we went out for diner.

Saturday: I left early in the morning for a class about communication and active listening to people. In the afternoon I visited a friend and we went to a sushi restaurant in the evening. I love sushi!

Sunday: We slept till 1 pm and Master worked at home the rest of the day. I went to my horse and slept the rest of the day. I’m so tired lately. 


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