Emily’s Diary


Last week was a pretty intensive week. I didn’t do many special things, but the week started a bit rough.  I hope you enjoy reading my diary!

IMG_7087s IMG_7061 IMG_7073-5IMG_7102

Monday: It started just as an ordinary day. I wrote a blog, checked my mail and mails on fetlife (I’m getting a lot of mail lately, really cool!) I did the laundry, went to my horse. Studied a bit and did a pretty intensive work out. In the evening Master wanted to practise a bit with rope. He made some cool pictures, but what started as a fun play ended up in a drama. (read the full story here)

Tuesday: I was exhausted from the night before and I spent most of the time in bed sleeping. Master and I had a very good conversation in the evening about what happened on Monday. We watched a bit TV and fell asleep early.


Wednesday: I went to my horse, worked out, worked on my website. Just the ordinary things….Still a bit confused about Monday, but feeling a lot better already. I knew I still wanted to be his slave. In the evening he put my collar back on. That was a big relieve. I hate it when it’s off. Even when I know it’s necessary. (at the airport, or for a photo shoot) Fortunately that doesn’t happen much.

IMG_7114 IMG_7106

Thursday: As usual I started my day with checking and answering mail, checking mail on Fetlife, blogging. In the afternoon I cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen and I did the laundry. Later I studied and worked out. On Thursday Master usually plays volleyball in the evening and he is home late.

Friday: In the morning I went to my horse. It was a lovely day. Sun was shining and it was actually pretty warm for this time of the year. In the afternoon I went cycling and did a kettlebell work out in our backyard. In the evening we watched a movie: Olympus has Fallen. Usually I fall a sleep during movies ( even good ones) but I did see the whole movie this time, lol.

Saturday: I left early in the morning for shopping with my Mom in Holland. I don’t see her much because she lives far away, but I always enjoy her company. A few months ago I told her a bit about bdsm and how Master and I live. She really reacted cool, even a bit curious and told me that no matter what I do, it’s okay. As long as I like it. J In the evening we had sushi  I love sushi, Master hates it, so when I’m going to dinner with someone else I always go for sushi. We talked a bit more about bdsm, so cool. I didn’t shop much, but I’ll show you what I bought later this week!

Sunday:  In the afternoon, Master and I went to Master’s father for his birthday. I think he invited all his friends we usually don’t see, because Master and I didn’t know a lot of people. It was pretty boring…On our way back home we had dinner in the same restaurant where we had our first date.


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