Frustrations: I have a Leatherbutt!


Recently I read about the phenomenon called ‘leatherbutt’. When you’re frequently spanked, your skin becomes a little intolerant for bruising and harder hitting is necessary to leave marks. I don’t know whether this theory is correct…but I think I’m born with a leatherbutt! I actually never bruise…and that kinda sucks!  Continue reading


Painslut or not?

Singletail whip

My friend and enemy

I’ve always liked the idea of being ‘hurt’ in some way by scary (but handsome) men. Even as a child I had fantasies of being kidnapped and tortured. (Besides those fantasies I was actually a pretty normal child…) When I started to experiment with bdsm I realised that getting whipped in your fantasy doesn’t actually hurt that much, but damn… in real! Do I really like this? Well, since my previous boyfriends weren’t that dominant or sadistic after all… those experiments didn’t last long.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, I met a very sadistic man about a year ago…. And nowadays I’m His. Continue reading

Things that make me happy

things that make me happy

There are a lot of things in our relationship that make me very happy. The best thing is we’re never equals, but we can still have a lot of fun together. Of course there are rules, I have to address him properly and obey all the time… (most of the time I love that, sometimes it sucks…) but are relationship is still very relaxed.  Continue reading