Testing the new whip and begging

Remember that Master bought a new whip? Not a mean one…. But a nice one? Well he tested it on me and the whip certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s a very good whip for warming up. It feels very dull when it lands. Even when he hits really hard, putting his full body weight in the stroke…. It only hurts a little. So yeah, like I said a good warming up whip… Of course, Master is a very sadistic bastard…so he tried other possibilities to hurt me with that whip. Mean as he is, he turned the whip around and hit me with the cord at the end of the grip. Ouchhh!! That nasty little thing hurts!

After he warmed me up he whipped me hard with the single tail. I don’t know for sure if I could take more after the warm up or the same as before. I don’t think it was a very big difference. He told me that he would only stop if I begged him on my knees. If there is one thing I find difficult, it’s begging. I just don’t know how. Especially when it comes to whipping, I can’t just fall on my knees to beg him, it gives me the feeling that I have a little power or something. I just want him to stop when he thinks it’s enough. I did fall on my knees, but I stood up again. Although I couldn’t take much more. Master told me that I had to beg before I passed out. I just couldn’t. I wanted to, but I couldn’t… I didn’t know how. He continued to whipping, hitting harder and harder. I passed out. He catched me right in time so I didn’t fall on the floor. I felt really guilty that I passed out. He put me in bed. I curled up against him. After I calmed down we talked about my begging issues again. It was a good conversation. We cuddled and kissed. Suddenly he told me to go back standing in the room. Hands above my head. He grabbed the single tail again and told me I would get 50 very hard strokes, no matter what. (no begging for me then, yeah) I got a bit scared. He had already whipped me quite hard that night and I didn’t know if I could take 50 more. I tried to control my breathing and waited for the first stroke. It was hard….and so was the second and  the third…and the 50th. Master hold me tight and carried me to bed. My back, legs, and side hurt.. but It felt good. I curled up against him and fell asleep.


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