Writer’s block

Oh my, I’m suffering from a terrible writer’s block….. It’s not that nothing happens around here, but I just don’t have the inspiration to write a good blog about it.

Last weeks have been pretty busy. I have an exam coming up and the topic is pretty boring, so studying goes a little slow lately… In the weekends and sometimes in the evenings we’re working on our ‘rebuilding-the-house-project’ (Yeah it will probably take ten years or so before it’s finished). The hard work was rewarded though. The living room is almost finished and I can finally cook in the new kitchen. (yeah!).

I’m also busy with photography lately (also as a model) Recently I got new Elinchrom studio flashlights, so cool! So when I’m not studying, horseriding, cleaning, or serving my Master, I spend most of my time making photos and retouching photos behind my computer. I used to have a photography website as well, but I was too lazy to update it on regular basis, so I removed it. Working on a new one though! (and a new portfolio!)

So, as you can see, enough things to write about…….I hope that I’ll overcome my writer’s block soon….maybe I just need a good whipping or so to get more inspiration………:-)


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