Today is  our anniversary! Master and I are  officially one year together. I can’t believe that I’m his  slave for already one year. Everything went so fast! I guess time flies when you’re having fun….

When we started our relationship we had both our doubts. Could I really be a 24/7  slave? Master is really a micromanager and at first that was pretty hard, but now most things go very smooth. I’m used to most of his drills and I know how to make him happy. I think this is the most intense relationship I ever had.  We had of course our ups and downs, but after every down we got way more up and we’re still going up. I’m very happy to be His.


2 thoughts on “Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations! Wish you continue to be the best! I saw you today on real-life ‘discovered’ – the account there has therefore already made more than paid for .. I am absolutely thrilled.
    Regards M.

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