not just a Saturday night

Last night Master and I went to a bdsm party with friends. It was more of a small meeting of eight couples in a nice and cozy barn. It was our first time there, but there really was a relaxed atmosphere so we quickly felt very comfortable. We watched nice plays from other couples and later in the evening Master gave me a really nice and very hard whipping. I think he even hit me a bit harder than last Monday and certainly he hit me a lot more. It’s always fun to notice I can handle even more pain when we play with other people around. I think it gives me an adrenaline rush, just to know that people are watching. Being his slave and showing it to other people really makes me feel proud. Today we relaxed the whole day, enjoying the memories and bruises from last night. yeah I got fresh bruises. Pretty cool for someone who actually never bruises. (I think this is the third time in my life) I still feel a little bit blurry and spacey today, so I won’t write a very long blog. (Yeah, I’ll make that up to you soon)